It’s been a while since I wrote my last post. Well, almost a year. I’ve kept waiting for the right time, the right place, the right moment to write something. But then I realized such “perfect” moments do not exist. Life is not perfect. 

I’ve been cramming for an important exam for months. My test date is on December 02. After taking that exam, I planned to focus more on my other projects. I have my plans all lined up.

But guess what, just 4 days ago, I tested positive for covid. My plans are SCREWED. 

Don’t worry my friends. I’m still okay. My family and I are doing fine. And I am grateful that I am still able to breathe and my family is still okay. 

I write this post not to complain about my situation. Instead, I have an urge to tell the world that I am ready to write again. No more postponement. I have quite a lot of ideas and things to share but haven’t felt “ready” to type them down. This unexpected event makes me realize I should keep doing the things I love when I have a chance. And writing is one of them. 

The second lesson I have learned from this is to be more flexible. Release the control issue. Things do not always happen the way you want. If plan A screws up, check out plan B. 

See you again in my next posts! 

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